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Presentation about Singapore


Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’m incredibly busy with studies and work.
This is just a quick announcement that I am going to hold a presentation about my experiences in Singapore TOMORROW at 11:45 A.M. at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Room HS 154.
If you happen to be free and around, please stop by.

Basically, this will be about the relevant information I gained on my trip, as well as pretty pictures and a simple travel report.

I’m going to post all of the content, that isn’t already to be found on here, as soon as I find the time!


Thank you for reading,


More Singapore and the 7th month


As Halloween is approaching, I want to tell you about a similiar cultural event that origins from China. It’s the 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival!

I learned about this in Singapore, and I thought it was really interesting. It is believed that during the 7th month of the lunar calendar, hell gates open and let all ghosts come free. Living descendants pay tribute to their deceased ancestors, so they wouldn’t haunt them. In Singapore, this is a festival with many concert events, singing, dancing and entertaining. Usually at those events, the first row of seats stays free, for the ghosts to take. I would love to take part in that festival some day, although I’m not a Taoist, nor Buddhist. 🙂
More on that in the Wiki entry.

More pictures from my visit to Singapore:

This is me with my Henna Tattoo~

Our Crew at UBISOFT!

Pumpkin bread… so tastyyyyy…..

Best drink in the world

I’m still trying to sort out all the information I got in Singapore, mostly about application process with various companies. I will share all that with you very soon. 🙂

Thank you for reading!


Singapore Day 4


First of all: I updated my post from Tuesday with pictures! Please check them out!
Today was, just as expected, another great day with a lot of different interesting experiences. This post is going to have a different structure than the other ones, starting off with the most important thing: The food. (Just kidding, but seriously: Eating here is the best.)

So today I had the normal breakfast at the hotel restaurant with danish pastries, coffee and roasted egg in the morning. For Lunch it was waffle fries, then I had Guava Fruit as a snack, which I‘m especially excited about, because Guava Juice is my favourite drink. In the evening it was a Moroccan vegetarian plate, which I shared with Amir, another Participant of the programme. Everything was so delicious, I really am going to miss the great food when I leave… : (

Now a short cover of today‘s program: We went to INFINITE FRAMEWORKS and saw a very interesting and cool presentation there on what projects they are working on, how they handle their business and much more. These people are super passionate and professional.

After that we had a presentation at the RAINBOW  MEDIA Studio. This is the company that developed the WINX CLUB franchise, it‘s very popular among young girls in Europe. We learned a lot on how to build an IP and how to establish it.

After Lunch we had a short tour around the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It has 63 hectars of exotic plants, trees and… a lot of scary insects. D : Nevertheless I enjoyed myself and I can see myself spending time there  reading and relaxing if I‘m actually going to move to Singapore someday.
The GAMBIT Gamelab was next. This is a five year research initiative, where games with new approaches in Gameplay and Technology are developed. I talked to a nice young artist there and we got to play the latest games they developed. THIS is their website.

Last for today was the Interactive & Digital Media Institute, which is part of the National University of Singapore. A lot of interesting research is going on there and some groups of workers/students have demonstrated their projects to us. It could be interesting to go there someday in the future. Get more information on the institue HERE.

In the evening we went to the Moroccan restaurant like I mentioned. There we also got a nice glass of wine and smoked Shisha, it was the perfect night to  a perfect day. : )
Now I need some sleeeeeep! I‘m probably extending my stay for one more night, so more on that tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


Singapore Day 3


Again, it became really late for us to come home! I just don’t find the time to sort out the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I’m taking, so I’ll only post a few. There are more to come, I swear!

Today was the most insane day ever.  I know my posts are full of superlatives, but I just can’t find the words to describe how amazing this experience is.

First thing in the morning we went to NANYANG Polytechnics. This is a school that is very similiar to our University of Applied Sciences, but you actually don’t get a degree and there are very young students, starting from the age of 17. It has a very strong connection to the industry in every field. We focused our visit on the IDMS – the Interactive and Digital Media School, which is part of the NP. The school itself, its curriculum and the work that was presented was really really impressive. It showed quite clearly that Singapore is putting a lot of effort into the IDM sector. And… they had a freakin’ MOCAP studio. Yep. : )

As a side note: Based on this presentation I felt that Singaporeans are really straight forward and honest, in the way they are talking and interacting, even with foreigners. The nice Gentlemen that held the presentation were answering all our questions in a very polite but honest way, I really liked that. (In Europe, we have this cliché of Asien people that they would be very friendly but not always tell what they are really thinking.)

After that, we went straight to the NEWater Visitor Centre. Basically, it’s an exhibition on the water recycling system in Singapore and the preservation of water. You can find a lot of information HERE.
Doesn’t sound too interesting at a first glance? Well, you HAVE to be there to understand why it is so amazing. The whole design and concept of the exhibition itself, as well as the process of preserving and re-using the water is incredible. In a very interactive way you can learn about the various ways Singapore uses to provide water to all inhabitants. Plus, the host was funny and cute. : )

Part of the exhibition display

We grabbed a quick snack right after the tour (how am I going to SURVIVE without Red Bean Pau? It’s the best stuff in the world… ) we hurried to the BIOPOLIS to have a look at EON Reality. This is a company that does real-time simulations based on a games engine, for stereoscopic and interactive presentation, learning/training and communication. Basically, what they are doing is, for example, build digital prototypes of planes (Boeing etc.) that you can interactively enjoy and that provide a realistic experience, mostly for selling puposes. It was interesting, because I think this is a company that could probably team up with MMT at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. I got their contact.

After grabbing a quick late lunch and doing some shopping we went to another part of the city, to the Asian Civilisation Museum. Again, a great experience. What many Europeans don’t know is that actually there is no “One Asian Culture”. Asia is a mix of so many nationalities with many different backgrounds, religious views, histories and traditions, it’s very sophisticated and not as easy to understand as we might think.

In the evening we strolled around at Marina Bay, got something to eat (Avocado Sandwich, in case you can bear to hear more about food… : D ) and took a lot of photos. It was really fun and relaxing.

The Merlion

At around 7030 p.m. we grabbed a taxi to the MARINA BAY SANDS Skypark. This is the most intriguing buildings in the world.
We went UP there. 57 floors in 30 seconds.

Flyer and Sands Hotel.

In case you still don’t believe your eyes: I went on top of a cruise ship that is on top of three giant hotel tower buildings. This ship is actually longer than the Eiffel Tower is high. 200 metres in the sky.

View from the Skypark

We grabbed a taxi back to Clarke Quay, which is an area for drinking and having dinner, and there are some clubs, directly at the river.
There is this attraction called the G-MAX REVERSE BUNGEE. I WENT IN THAT THING. It was insane, I had so much adrenaline today, I had to giggle and jump around all the time. We actually met the other participants of the program there again (we had split up before) and six of us did the bungee thing.


After having a drink at the bar right next to that attraction we went home. I’m exhausted but happy. BEDTIME! Oh it’s only half past three in the morning… ~__~


Singapore Day 2


Today was so intense, I don’t even believe we were able to squeeze all these activities into one single day. In the morning we went to visit the Singapore City Gallery, which held an exhibition on the whole city, its architecture and culture. After that we startet our City Tour with our host Nasiim, who knows just like everything about Singapore.


First there was China Town on our plan, one of the oldest parts of Singapore. There’s a Buddhist temple right next to a Hindu Temple, people from different cultures and religions are praying and living next to each other peacefully, just like that.This was very impressive to see, compared to Germany and Austria, where so much hate is going on. We also went Souvenir Shopping there.

Hindu Temple

Me at the Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

The Buddhist Temple

Inside the Buddhist Temple

Our next stop was the Sultan Mosque but it was closed due to the praying people that were inside at the time, so we didn’t enter.

The Sultan Mosque

The Sultan Mosque

Instead we went to explore the interesting area around the Mosque.

Me and Robot in Love

Next was Little India. I just love this place. We had lunch there, and it felt like Vegetarian paradise to me. Also, Laetitia and I got HENNA TATTOOS! They are so super pretty… : )


Back at the Fusionopolis building we saw a great presentation by Media Development Authority, which is an organisation that was set up to build the Interactive and Digital Media in Singapore. They are overseeing the local developments in broadcasting, publishing, games, film, animation and so on.

Media Development Authority

After that we visited SCRAWL Studios, a small local Animation Studio that does mostly 2D TV Shows for kids. I fcould definitely imagine working at a place like this. What they are doing is really really great work, and they all seem very passionate and professional. I may try to apply there as soon as my master’s program is over. We also had the chance to ask questions, so again I will put together an informative post on all the insider-knowledge they gave us, please wait a few days more for it.

At night we went to the giant Shopping Street at the City Centre, but I was too overwhelmed to actually buy anything. We then took the Metro back to Little India, went iPhone-hunting, did some Souvenir Shopping and had vegetarian food (Miso Soup and Sushi). And now we’re just back at the hotel, exhausted like woah, but shoppingly-satisfied.

Hillarious Shirt I bought


Going to sleep now! I think I slept for 13 hours since last Thursday… I’m a bit worried. °__°

EDIT: This post has been updated with photos!


Singapore Day One


Hey everyone,

I arrived safely in Singapore after a looong and exhausting flight with lots of boring movies and pretty good food. : )

This city is really completely amazing, it blows my mind how awesome everything is here. The architecture, the food, the people, just the whole state of mind seems not only to be very different from Middle-Europe, but also lighter, friendlier and simply more positive.

singapore skyline


City view

The weather is nice, very humid but not as bad as I expected, because the inside of every building is nicely climated.

The hotel I’m staying at [GALLERY HOTEL] is clean and lovely, the service is great and the breakfast too good to believe. (Yes, I’m talking about food in every sentence… it’s just so yummy, I can’t help it!)  I’m sharing a room with Laetitia, a nice french girl who is a genius with Design and Marketing. The other participants seem nice, too, as far as I got to know them on the first day. Everyone has very different backgrounds and goals, so that makes it even more interesting, in terms of networking. : )

gallery hotel water
Free water from our room at th Gallery Hotel.

Today we visited various places. First we went to  the iExperience centre, which provides information on the latest developments in technology in the fields of interaction, entertainment, work and education.
For more information about that, look HERE.

After that we got something to eat (Again, I know…) at the financial district, which is really busy and buzzing at noon time. I had an indian vegetarian meal, which was just a little too spicy for me.

Singapore food

Singapore food

Next we visited UBISOFT, the famous game development company you are all familiar with. They did an interesting presentation and answered many questions, mostly about applying to them and in general. I got it aaall noted down, but this important information should get its own stuctured entry soon.



We then went to the office of… here it comes… Double Negative! I have some kind of connection to the London based studio of D-Neg, because many MMA-Graduates are working there, some even come to visit our university in Salzburg to give lessons in Rendering, Lighting and so on. So it was interesting to see the Singapore office. The people there were really nice, explaining to us in detail what they are doing (which is not new per se, but it’s kind of comforting to know that in Asia they cook with the same water as we do… haha.).
Plus there were like more than 50% of female artists in the office! The feminist in me thought that was great.


The day ended with the welcome dinner at a famous Sea Food Restaurant. The Organsation of the programme had taken special care for me, since I don’t eat meat or fish, I really appreciated that. Again, it was delicious.

We strolled around the city a bit and then got back to the hotel. I have only slept like 7 hours since Thursday, so I really need to catch up on sleep.

A few more photos:



My shoes. Yep.

This gave me the creeps:
It’s Oktoberfest-Advertising! Having lived in Munich during the famous Festival was enough for me, thanks… haha.

A nicely lit fountain in the city

Beautiful Persian bellydancer

The UFO we landed in… just kidding. It’s a giant ceiling that was close by where we had dinner.

I’ll find the time to write more tomorrow!

Thanks for reading~