Sailor Moon Collaboration


Some months ago the new Sailor Moon tv series, Sailor Moon Crystal, premiered in Japan. To celebrate the return of our beloved childhood heroines, a few of us german (comic-) artists collaborated to do a tribute piece. This was the first one:

sailormooncollab_webSailor Neptun: Katharina Netolitzky
Sailor Uranus: David Füleki
Sailor Jupiter: Schlogger
Sailor Merkur: Carolin Reich
Sailor Chibi Moon: Sushi
Sailor Moon: Sarah Stowasser
Sailor Mars: Katja Klengel
Sailor Venus: Olivia Vieweg
Sailor Pluto: Marion Kapferer
Sailor Saturn: Lisa Rau
Here is my Sailor Pluto up close:

















I really tried to get into the topic in my own personal style.

The second piece we did is a tribute to summerseason. The first collaboration was kinda successful, so even more artists joined us!

SailorMoon-Collaboration_Summer_Final_kleinHaruka von hillerkiller.com
Diana von juliaschlax.daportfolio.com
Makoto von facebook.com/sushiart
Michiru von carolin-reich.de
Minako von facebook.com/livanyaa
Chibiusa von olivia-vieweg.de
Setsuna von flowerprinthat.blogspot.com
Rei von sarahstowasser.tumblr.com
Hotaru von fehdeblog.blogspot.de
Usagi von marionkapferer.de
Artemis von aru-draws.tumblr.com
Mamoru von doppeltim.de
Luna von facebook.com/Kukas.Kunst
Ami von schlogger.de

This time around I had the honour of drawing Usagi! I tried a more mangaesque style:
















I kinda enjoy that she has not a perfectly beautiful face.

Loved working with some of my favourite german artists! 🙂 Please check out their sites, too!


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