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Sailor Moon Collaboration


Some months ago the new Sailor Moon tv series, Sailor Moon Crystal, premiered in Japan. To celebrate the return of our beloved childhood heroines, a few of us german (comic-) artists collaborated to do a tribute piece. This was the first one:

sailormooncollab_webSailor Neptun: Katharina Netolitzky
Sailor Uranus: David Füleki
Sailor Jupiter: Schlogger
Sailor Merkur: Carolin Reich
Sailor Chibi Moon: Sushi
Sailor Moon: Sarah Stowasser
Sailor Mars: Katja Klengel
Sailor Venus: Olivia Vieweg
Sailor Pluto: Marion Kapferer
Sailor Saturn: Lisa Rau
Here is my Sailor Pluto up close:

















I really tried to get into the topic in my own personal style.

The second piece we did is a tribute to summerseason. The first collaboration was kinda successful, so even more artists joined us!

SailorMoon-Collaboration_Summer_Final_kleinHaruka von
Diana von
Makoto von
Michiru von
Minako von
Chibiusa von
Setsuna von
Rei von
Hotaru von
Usagi von
Artemis von
Mamoru von
Luna von
Ami von

This time around I had the honour of drawing Usagi! I tried a more mangaesque style:
















I kinda enjoy that she has not a perfectly beautiful face.

Loved working with some of my favourite german artists! 🙂 Please check out their sites, too!