Singapore Day 4


First of all: I updated my post from Tuesday with pictures! Please check them out!
Today was, just as expected, another great day with a lot of different interesting experiences. This post is going to have a different structure than the other ones, starting off with the most important thing: The food. (Just kidding, but seriously: Eating here is the best.)

So today I had the normal breakfast at the hotel restaurant with danish pastries, coffee and roasted egg in the morning. For Lunch it was waffle fries, then I had Guava Fruit as a snack, which I‘m especially excited about, because Guava Juice is my favourite drink. In the evening it was a Moroccan vegetarian plate, which I shared with Amir, another Participant of the programme. Everything was so delicious, I really am going to miss the great food when I leave… : (

Now a short cover of today‘s program: We went to INFINITE FRAMEWORKS and saw a very interesting and cool presentation there on what projects they are working on, how they handle their business and much more. These people are super passionate and professional.

After that we had a presentation at the RAINBOW  MEDIA Studio. This is the company that developed the WINX CLUB franchise, it‘s very popular among young girls in Europe. We learned a lot on how to build an IP and how to establish it.

After Lunch we had a short tour around the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It has 63 hectars of exotic plants, trees and… a lot of scary insects. D : Nevertheless I enjoyed myself and I can see myself spending time there  reading and relaxing if I‘m actually going to move to Singapore someday.
The GAMBIT Gamelab was next. This is a five year research initiative, where games with new approaches in Gameplay and Technology are developed. I talked to a nice young artist there and we got to play the latest games they developed. THIS is their website.

Last for today was the Interactive & Digital Media Institute, which is part of the National University of Singapore. A lot of interesting research is going on there and some groups of workers/students have demonstrated their projects to us. It could be interesting to go there someday in the future. Get more information on the institue HERE.

In the evening we went to the Moroccan restaurant like I mentioned. There we also got a nice glass of wine and smoked Shisha, it was the perfect night to  a perfect day. : )
Now I need some sleeeeeep! I‘m probably extending my stay for one more night, so more on that tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


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